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DAY 1 of ISE2024 | Explore GONSIN's Latest Innovations

ISE2024 has officially opened on January 31st! As widely recognized, ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is the world's leading audiovisual and systems integration exhibition. With an exhibition area exceeding 82,000 square meters, a remarkable 230% growth from ISE 2023, and a total of 8 halls, an increase of 2 from the previous year, the exhibition will showcase the latest innovations and solutions from global technology leaders.



GONSIN, a leading developer and manufacturer of Conference Full Stack Solution, is thrilled to be on the first day of ISE2024. We are proud to showcase our latest innovations and cutting-edge products at the show.


Our products have caught the eye of many attendees, prompting them to pause and experience what we have to offer. Let’s check the highlights of our products.


First Debut Product: Conference Management Platform.

We proudly debuted the Conference Management Platform at ISE2024. It is a comprehensive solution that combines hardware, software, and a platform. It revolves around five major process: pre- conference preparation, conference entry, conference holding, in- conference operation, and post-meeting processing. In addition to managing the entire GONSIN product line, it can also seamlessly integrate and manage third-party devices. The platform enables the integration and presentation of conference big data, fully showcasing the value of data.


 The advanced upgrade Product: Desktop Paperless Conference System

Furthermore, we introduced the newly upgrade paperless conference system, featuring refined industrial design for simplicity and engineering efficiency. Architectural overhaul introduces internet-driven solutions, enhancing platform integration. User-friendly software upgrades amplify efficiency, ideal for upscale business and government conference venues.


New Product: Noise-cancelling Array Microphone

What's more, we showcased the flagship new product: Noise-cancelling Array Microphone, an advanced AI solution, eliminates 300+ common noises, ensuring clear audio for remote video conferences up to 10 meters in diameter while combating background noise interference. It ensures the smoother communication in remote video conferences.




In the upcoming days of the show, we are looking forward to your visit! Come and experience our products! GONSIN Booth No.Hall3-3T530.


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