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How to Design a Large Conference Sound System Solution?

In large conferences, conference sound system plays a crucial role. Their function is not only to ensure the clear transmission of the speaker's voice, but also to enhance the conference atmosphere, allowing participants to better engage and experience. To ensure the excellent performance of the conference sound system, designing a high-quality sound system solution is essential.

Professionalism is key to designing a comprehensive large conference sound system solution. Gonsin, as a professional audio equipment company, shares their insights on the design of large conference sound system solutions in this article.

Considerations for Conference Sound Systems

Consideration of Venue and Scale

Factors such as the size, shape, height, and coverage range of the conference venue must be considered when designing conference sound systems. These factors will directly impact the positioning and audio effects of the sound system, influencing the overall system design significantly.

Equipment Selection and Matching

To ensure that every participant can hear the speeches, it is recommended to use distributed audio devices such as stereo speakers and high-tone horns. The system should include high-end equipment such as wireless microphones, multi-channel mixers, power amplifiers, etc., to enhance the sound system's effectiveness and performance.

Common Components of Conference Sound Systems

Main Speaker: As the core of the sound system, it carries the amplification and playback of the main audio signals, and it is recommended to choose column speakers with high sound quality and high output capacity.

Subwoofer: Used to expand coverage range and output volume, passive or active speakers can be used to achieve better sound effects and balance, such as the GX-SP1018SSB-C conference room speaker.

Microphone: Due to the large space, multiple microphones can ensure that each participant can hear clearly. It is recommended to use a professional wireless microphone system, such as the sixteen-channel antenna-divided wireless microphone for conferences.

Mixer: Used to mix and adjust multiple audio signals, enabling the processing and mixing output of various signals such as voice and music.

Amplifier: Choose high-performance amplifiers, such as Gonsin microphones and amplifiers, to ensure output capacity and sound quality.

Audio Processor: Used for equalizing, compressing, delaying, and other audio signal processing to enhance sound effects and voice clarity.

Controller: Used to control and manage the sound system, including functions such as volume adjustment, signal switching, and scene settings.

Cables and Accessories: Including audio cables, plugs, brackets, hanging devices, etc., used to connect various audio devices and for layout and debugging.

Designing a complete large conference sound system solution requires not only consideration of venue characteristics, but also choosing professional equipment that suits the requirements, and paying attention to system operation and maintenance. Only when these aspects are properly considered can the sound system be ensured to deliver optimal performance in large conferences, making effective contributions to the delivery of speeches and the creation of a conference atmosphere.

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