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Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & Design (BICP) is an institution affiliated to Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning and responsible for the formulation of various urban and rural plans. As approved by the Ministry of Construction of China, BICP is a grade A planning and Design organization and aims to provide the services for Beijing municipal government’s macro decision-making on urban development and various construction projects.

At present, urban planning advocates green and sustainable development, and office meetings also need to comply with the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. With the increasing degree of electronic and informatization of business and government affairs conferences, the application of paperless conference systems has become a trend.

BICP often conducts academic seminars, so the conference room equipment needs to be upgraded. Taking into account the practicability and stability of the system, GONSIN team has designed an overall audio and video conference solution for BICP with paperless conference system, dual-chain backups conference discussion system, and intelligent electronic table card system.

Paperless office is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and only electronic documents are required. Paperless conference system can realize screen sharing, discussion, annotation, voting and other functions, bringing the convenient and efficient meeting experience to participants.

GONSIN 2043 dual-chain backup conference system has many patented technologies, which integrate high-performance and high compatibility technologies. Most importantly, it ensures the high security of information, the stable operation of the system and the high quality of use experience, under the protection of the backup mechanisms.

GONSIN intelligent electronic table card adopts dual screen structure, which can synchronously display participant information.The inner screen has a touch function and supports 5-point capacitive touch, which is more convenient to use. Support custom editing of background color, template, text size, color, font, language, etc.

The seamless integration of paperless conference system, dual-chain backups conference system and the intelligent electronic table card system, has realized the transformation of conference digitization. With nearly 20 years of industry experience and many patented technologies, GONSIN has provided many professional overall solutions of conference system to create digital collaborative and intelligent conference platforms for users in academic research fields.

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