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How to Place Conference Sound Equipment for Better Sound Quality


The Size of the Conference Room Determines Conference Sound Equipment Selection.

Small Conference Room

For small conference rooms, it is recommended to choose installed column speakers. These speakers are compact and lightweight, can be cleverly installed on walls or ceilings, saving space, and avoiding sound diffusion due to their superior directivity, thereby improving sound quality.

Large Conference Room

In large conference rooms, ceiling speakers are the ideal choice. Installed at the top of the conference room, they do not take up floor space, have a wide coverage range, and provide uniform audio effects for the entire conference room. The high installation position of ceiling speakers also helps reduce the interference of surrounding environmental noise on sound quality.

Proper Configuration Conference Sound Equipment

Choose the Appropriate Sound Power

According to the size of the conference room and the number of participants, choose the sound equipment power reasonably. Typically, the sound power per seat should be maintained between 5-10W to ensure that each participant can hear the speech clearly.

Use High-quality Sound Equipment

Choosing reliable and stable performance sound equipment is key. Only in this way can the stability of the sound output be ensured. In addition, regularly maintaining and caring for the sound equipment is also a necessary step to extend its lifespan.

Utilize Noise Canceling Microphone Array

To improve voice clarity and anti-interference capability, setting up noise canceling microphone array in the conference room is an effective method. By adjusting the position and angle of the microphone, the microphone array achieves sound focusing and separation, thereby improving sound quality.

Introduce Audio Processing Technology

Introducing audio processing technology, such as equalizers, compressors, reverbs, etc., in the conference room sound system, allows real-time adjustment and optimization of audio signals according to different meeting scenarios and needs, further enhancing sound quality.

How to Place Conference Sound Equipment for Better Sound Quality

To achieve better sound quality of conference sound equipment, the key is to consider the selection of equipment, proper configuration, and optimization of audio processing comprehensively. With careful arrangement, we can create a clear and natural audio environment for the conference room, improving meeting efficiency and communication quality. Ingenious layout and high-performance sound equipment will bring excellent sound quality experience to your conference room.

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