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Meeting and Special Features of Paperless Conference System

Functions of the paperless conference system during the meeting

Electronic sign-in management for paperless conference system

This system allows for electronic sign-in management and status queries for attendees, displaying a list of detailed information for each participant. Meeting documents can be displayed and opened, with files distributed by the administrator being readily accessible. Real-time synchronization is supported, allowing attendees to open documents, share presentations, annotate documents, and view synchronized presentations. During the meeting, notes can be taken on an electronic whiteboard, with the ability to conduct handwritten demonstrations on a simulated whiteboard. The system also supports real-time communication between attendees, web browsing, the import of private files, voting during the meeting, and video services. The chairman machine has additional features, such as strong interface switching and voting control, and centralized control is also supported, allowing for unified lifting and shutdown.

The best paperless conference system provided by Gonsin is also possible to operate device file pushing through the access control system, allowing files to be pushed to any participant. After the meeting, archiving is available, with meeting process files being packaged and recorded for future reference.

Additional enhanced features for paperless conference system: external computer demonstration support

External pc computer support for paperless conference system

External PC computers can share their desktop to each terminal of the paperless conference system, and can also share their desktop to the projector. Simply connect the external computer to the local area network of the paperless conference system and run the accompanying software to enable these features.

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Special features of paperless conference system

Management and settings

The management console of the paperless conference system has a wealth of management and setting functions, including device management, seat editing, attendance management, and background settings. These functions allow for the management and setting of meeting room seating, terminal devices, and meeting attendance.

Convenient information transmission

During the paperless conference, the meeting assistant can use the "Send Message" function to send messages to all participants or specific attendees. After receiving a message, attendees can choose to reply.

For example, during a meeting, if an urgent matter requires immediate attention from a leader, the meeting assistant can send a message to the leader without disrupting the meeting, and the leader can promptly deal with the urgent matter.

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