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Wireless Access Point WAP-30C

Wireless Access Point WAP-30C
Wireless Access Point WAP-30C

Functions of System Configuration Wireless Access Point WAP-30C

  • FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping technology, with spectrum monitoring and screening functions, support for intelligent hopping of carrier frequency, and automatically select a clean frequency point when speaking every time

  • Adopt full-digital wireless communication technology, anti-interference, anti-multipath fading, not affected by light and infrared, and can be used stably in a WLAN environment

  • Adopt internal CRC check, audio and data are transmitted with 32-bit encrypted words to ensure the privacy of communication and avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference

  • Built-in high-performance communication antenna, stable wireless signal coverage: 30 meters

  • Support two WAP cascading, which can achieve a maximum number of speakers of 8, or expand the coverage area of wireless signals 

  • Network port connection, support standard POE and DC power supply

  • With intuitive working status indicator 

  • Support wall-mounted/bracket/ceiling/desktop placement of a variety of installation methods can adapt to the installation environment of various types of venues

Technical Indicators of System Configuration Wireless Access Point WAP-30C

Transmission technologyFS-FHSS selection frequency hopping, pi/4 DQPSK+GFSK digital
Encryption technologymodulation mediation 32-bit encryption
Working frequencyISM International Licensed Frequency Band
Network interface1 RJ45 interface, support standard POE power supply
Power interface1 DC interface, support 24V DC power supply
Wireless signal coverage30 meters (stable communication distance)
Working temperature0~45℃
Storage temperature-20~50℃

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