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Paperless Conference System LCD Lifter

♦ Separated lifting design for LCD screen and mic, with panel keys, control lifting of both, flexible and easy to operate; easy to hide and store the equipment;

♦ The front screen is a 13.3/15.6/17.3/18.5 inch IPS full-view HD LCD screen(resolution 1920*1080) with 10 points touch; suit for paperless terminal

♦ Utilize low-speed micro-motor and strengthened wire rope gearing, enabling fast and smooth lifting; wear-resisting design secures long service life;

♦ Low noise design produces low noise during lifting:

♦ The default elevation angle is 15° when the LCD screen is lifted; support continuous adjustment within 0~30°;

♦ Lifter panels and chassis are made of aluminum alloy with light weight, high strength and exquisite appearance;

♦ Slim design with narrow bezel, the suitable 16:9 display scale provides a superior users viewing experience.

♦ Support 10 points touch, stable and sensitive;

♦ Lifter panel has switches for: Up, Stop, Down, on and off for multimedia conference terminal;

♦ The lifter supports manual control, wireless remote control, RS-232 control, RS-485 control, carrying out unified control and grouping control for up/down/stop status of lifter

♦ Support reading files from USB flash disk;

♦ With HDMI and VGA interface, signals can be automatically identified and can be switched by panel keys.

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