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Why and When Should You Use Simultaneous Interpretation System?

When speakers are giving speeches, simultaneous interpretation system have become the leader in the translation field due to their real-time and seamless characteristics. Compared with consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation system provides instant translation while the speakers are giving their speeches, without interrupting the natural rhythm of the speakers. This translation method is the most efficient, especially for large-scale events, as even a slight delay can have a significant impact on the participants' conference experience.

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Simultaneous interpretation system is widely used in various occasions

When should simultaneous interpretation system be used? The answer is in situations involving large-scale events and requiring high communication speed. Conferences, corporate gatherings, and government meetings are common application scenarios for simultaneous interpretation system. In addition, various occasions such as press conferences, school assemblies, and charity dinners can fully leverage the role of simultaneous interpretation system.

The requirements for using simultaneous interpretation system

Using simultaneous interpretation system is not a cheap solution, and it includes two key cost factors. Firstly, each language requires two experienced linguists. Secondly, a venue with appropriate or sufficiently portable equipment is needed.

To ensure the smooth operation of simultaneous interpretation services, an area needs to be set up for translators to work undisturbed. They need to hear the speaker's speech clearly and be able to ignore background noise in order to focus on the translation. There are various ways to achieve this goal using professional tools.

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation system

Setting up a simultaneous interpretation system is not difficult as long as you have the right tools. The most basic equipment includes receivers and headphones for the listeners, a transmitter, a microphone, and headphones for translation. The translator listens to the speaker's speech through headphones and then performs simultaneous interpretation through the microphone. The microphone transmits the translation to the transmitter, which is then conveyed to the audience via wireless personal receivers, and the audience listens to the translation through headphones.

In most cases, to ensure that the translators can focus on their work, a soundproof booth is set up. These booths are large enough for two people to use together for collaborative work. In large conferences, fixed soundproof booths are usually set up, but there are also mobile options, of course, at a higher price. A booth is set up for each language so that the translators can see the speaker.

Through GONSIN simultaneous interpretation system, efficient and seamless language conversion is achieved for cross-language communication, providing a smooth language conversion experience for large-scale events. It ensures smooth communication among conference participants, making language no longer a communication barrier, and providing strong support for the successful hosting of events.

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