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Gonsin Paperless Conference System Successfully Applied In Saudi Space Commission

The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) was established by the royal order in December of 2018 (Rabi II 1440).

As the national aerospace scientific research institution of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Space Commission has extremely high requirements for the office conference equipment used. Focusing on product stability, information security, powerful functions and convenient operations,  GONSIN was chosen as the conference systems supplier. Therefore, GONSIN Team has designed an overall solution for the conference room of the Saudi Space Commission, which integrated desktop paperless conference system and automatic camera tracking system, providing intelligent equipments for various occasions, such as meeting discussion, academic exchanges, and reports.

According to the layout of the conference room, GONSIN desktop paperless conference terminal was installed on each seat. The documents, forms, Power Points, audio and video can be distributed through the LAN. During the meeting, documents can be noted and annotated by multiple people at the same time, and the participants can browse documents, initiate discussion, voting, watch videos, share screen at the same time. After the meeting, the meeting minutes can be automatically generated and are controlled to download through the conference authority management function to ensure information security.

The desktop paperless conference system was equipped with high-definition camera dome, which can realize the function of holding local meetings and remote video meetings, providing the flexible and efficient meeting modes.

In the field of aerospace, the general unit of the manned space application system in China, the space application center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successful project applications. In the center of payload operation and control, GONSIN 2043 series dual chain backup conference system and desktop paperless conference system was adopted.

Insisting on developing the audio and video conference industry for 18 years in terms of the experience and continuous innovation, GONSIN has been successfully applied to many important venues in the aerospace field, such as Xi'an Aerospace Town in Shaanxi Province, the Hubei Branch of Air China, and Chengdu Institute of Aerospace Science, Technology, Industry and Communication Technology.

Xi'an Aerospace Town in Shaanxi ProvinceHubei Branch of Air ChinaChengdu Institute of Aerospace Science, Technology, Industry and Communication Technology

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